The new 4200 Series Cable Testers are the latest easy-to-use testers from Cirris Systems. Available in two configurations, the high voltage 4250 tester and the low voltage 4200 tester, these systems have the same quality expected in all Cirris products.

Both tester models accurately analyze cables for short, open, and miswire errors and can expand up to 1,024 test points (128 per expansion box). The high voltage 4250 tester can reach voltages up to 1500 VDC or 1000 VAC. One of the most anticipated benefits of the 4200 Series is the integrated networking capability via Cirris Hub Software. Store test programs in one location on the network and print test reports to any network printer.

The 7-in. full-color capacitive touch screen makes it easy to navigate the software, set up test programs, and test cables. A new software interface means no advanced skills or training are necessary to begin testing. The graphical display supports Roman languages and graphical languages such as Chinese. Add more capability by connecting the 4200 Series tester to a PC and testing with Cirris Easy-Wire Software.

Customers familiar with the Cirris 1100 Series will easily adapt to the 4200 Series. The 4200 Series can use many of the same accessories and features found on Cirris benchtop testers. For example, digital I/O works the same on both the 4200 Series and the 1100 Series. Continue to use your same test programs and fixturing from current testers and share them with the new tester.

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