Optical Gaging Products (OGP), a division of Quality Vision International Inc (QVI®), is celebrating its milestone 75-year anniversary as a world-leading manufacturer of precision multisensor metrology systems for industrial Quality Control.

Chairman and CEO Edward T. Polidor, remarked, “In my time with the company, I have witnessed a dramatic change in how optical instruments perform measurement. When OGP was founded 75 years ago, users typically relied on microscopes and optical comparators, depending entirely on their own judgement to ascertain the measurement. Today, the modern automatic video measuring system is completely computer controlled, using video cameras that depend little on the operator’s visual skills to produce accurate measurements. How these systems became more accurate, automated, faster, and ever more capable is OGP’s contribution to this remarkable transformation.”

OGP has enjoyed a long history of innovation. The company started from humble beginnings in post-war 1945 producing optical comparators. Automatic edge detection for the optical comparator was developed in 1956 in the form of Projectron, an early electro-optical image sensing system. OGP introduced the first truly revolutionary computer controlled automatic video measuring system in 1980 – the Vidicom Qualifier. Then, OGP pioneered multisensor measurement by adding lasers and touch probes to video systems starting in 1986 with the IQ-2000, and the technology advancements continue today with a wide range of powerful multi-sensing systems.

OGP systems have played a vital role in ensuring the quality of component parts used in a wide variety of industrial success stories: From personal computers and smartphones, to digital video and electric cars – even the space program. Consumer products produced around the world contain parts measured on OGP systems.

OGP is spending 2020 – 2021 reflecting on the accomplishments that have allowed it to achieve international recognition for optical measurement in the highest echelons of industry. Looking ahead, OGP will continue to forge the future. Every day, the employees of OGP innovate and execute, producing practical solutions for the most challenging measurement tasks demanded by its toughest customers. OGP celebrates these innovations in its 75th year.

R. Stephen Flynn, president of OGP, added, “We have been an international company for over half of our 75 years, having established subsidiary offices in multiple countries, and channel partners covering every industrialized corner of the globe to support our growing list of customers on a local basis. During our anniversary celebration, we recognize and celebrate our channel partners and employees for being such an integral part of our success over these 75 years.”

For more information, visit www.ogpnet.com.