Resonon, a leader in hyperspectral imaging, has just released the Pika NUV2, an ultraviolet plus visible hyperspectral camera available commercially. The Pika NUV2 will be an essential tool for advanced research, industrial vision systems, remote sensing, and many other hyperspectral imaging applications.

The Pika NUV2 is a line scan imaging spectrometer that scans a spectral range of 330 – 800 nm. It can be used in Resonon’s benchtop, outdoor, airborne, and machine vision systems, and is available now.

Human vision spans a spectral range of 400 – 700 nm; wavelengths below 400 nm are considered ultraviolet. Birds and insects can see ultraviolet light, flowers and plants often have noteworthy ultraviolet features, and solar illumination extends down to about 300 nm at the Earth’s surface. Furthermore, pharmaceuticals and other industrial products can possess unique ultraviolet signatures which the NUV2 can quantify for sorting or quality control purposes.

Most glass materials that comprise optical lenses do not transmit light below about 350 nm.

Over a spectral range of 330 – 800 nm the Pika NUV2 provides 255 contiguous spectral channels at each pixel, and each spectral channel is 1.84 nm wide. The spectral resolution (FWHM) is 3.2 nm. Each camera frame is an image line that has 1500 spatial pixels.