IDS NXT is a holistic system for creating your AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks "on device", deliver image processing results themselves and can even trigger follow-up processes. A software update makes anomaly detection available in addition to classification and object detection.

This is supported by a cloud-based AI Vision Studio, with which users can not only train neural networks, but now also create vision apps. The system offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision apps. If you would like to evaluate its potential for your applications, you should take a look at the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit. It provides you with all the components you need to create, train and run a neural network. 

The new uEye XC closes the market gap between industrial camera and webcam. Thanks to the integrated autofocus module, the compact USB3 camera provides you with perfectly sharp images and videos even with changing object distances. Setting up and operating the camera requires only a cable connection.

The camera is available with either USB3 Vision (programmable) or UVC protocol (plug&play). Its components score with long availability – a must for industrial applications. Useful functions such as 24x digital zoom, auto white balance and color correction ensure that you keep all details perfectly in view, e.g. in kiosk systems, logistics and robotics. 

With 10 times the transmission bandwidth of 1GigE cameras and around twice the speed of cameras with USB3 interfaces, the recently launched uEye Warp10 camera family with 10GigE interface is the fastest in the IDS range. The company recently launched new models with 4th generation Sony sensors.

Thanks to the TFL mount, it will soon be possible to integrate sensors with even higher resolution up to 45 MP. This means that even detailed inspections with a high clock rate and a large amount of data will be possible over long cable distances. The industrial lens mount allows the cameras to fully utilize the potential of large format (larger than 1.1") and high resolution sensors (up to 45 MP).          

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