Renishaw’s additive manufacturing (AM) systems have been added to the General Services Administration (GSA) procurement system for government applications in the United States. The measuring and manufacturing systems company is now officially recognized as a provider of AM solutions to federal, state, and local governments. Machine Tools USA will assist with marketing Renishaw metal AM systems to government entities. 

Machine Tools USA’s existing contract with the GSA allows Renishaw AM systems to be included under the multiple awards scheme (MAS) for 3D printing and AM solutions. The MAS scheme allows government bodies to access commercial products at competitive price points. As part of this, Renishaw AM systems are listed in the GSA e-library, a centralized online resource used by federal, state and local governments to assist in the research and identification of businesses who can provide products and services under a GSA contract. 

To be eligible, products listed on the GSA procurement system must meet strict criteria including commercial availability, competitive pricing and compliance with Trade Agreements Act (TAA), the Buy American Act and environmental and labor standards. Machine Tools USA has been appointed as a distributor of Renishaw’s AM products to the US Government and will help to ensure that these products continue to meet these requirements. 

“GSA contracts are issued for a 20-year period, and we are currently halfway through our second contract, so we understand the value of this agreement,” said Marianne Ross Burroughs, President at Machine Tools USA. “A GSA contract is a key asset to gain access to this market. As we go into the 45th year of our company, we are eager to expand our expertise and assist Renishaw in this journey.”

“Adding our equipment to the GSA procurement system is testament to Renishaw’s commitment to provide innovative AM solutions to various applications,” said John Laureto, AM Business Manager at Renishaw Inc. “Our collaboration with Machine Tools USA has been integral to listing our products under the MAS scheme and we have valued their expertise on this new venture. By helping us meet the stringent criteria for inclusion, the team at Machine Tools USA has helped us showcase the value of our systems for government agencies.”

Through the e-library, agencies can explore Renishaw’s RenAM 500 series of metal additive manufacturing systems that provide solutions for a range of research and production applications, from a single laser system (RenAM 500S) to a four-laser system (RenAM 500Q). The systems have automatic or flexible (Flex) powder and waste handling and use the same industry-leading gas flow system, safety features, and precision digital optics for applications ranging from material proof of concept to volume production.

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