Do you have a reality gap? If so, how do you close the gap between the reality you are living in right now and the expectations you have for your future? If there is a gap, it is likely because life you currently live doesn’t measure up to the one in your future reality. You don’t have to be told this, but, your current reality is due partly to the fact that you could stretch yourself and do so much more. Although you already knew this, somehow things just never seem to change much for you. This means your future reality (one month, one year, five years out) doesn’t meet your desires.

Can you relate to this situation? Are you, or someone you know, trapped in a personal or professional life you don’t want, feeling stuck, and unable to move forward? Do you want that to change? Are you open to an alternative? Bring your expected reality into focus. I don’t mean just to think about what you want to happen. I mean imagine your reality so vividly and specifically that you can actually visualize it. But even that’s not enough. Take the visualization further. Make the picture so real you can hear it, feel it, taste it, and walk around in it! It’s like a John Wayne movie but you’re the star and not the Duke. (Oops, showing my age again.)

I don’t mean to continually live in the dream, because you need to be awake to take action. When you come back to reality, you will be keenly aware of the gap between your current reality and your future reality, but that’s great! Once you can clearly see the gap, your visualization process will release your energy and creativity. It is much like your car, which only moves because of the energy created by the electrical surge generated at the spark plug. There has to be space (a gap) for the spark to ignite.

Humans are much the same as the ignition process for the internal combustion engine. The gap between your current reality and your future reality is that space where your drive, enginery, and creativity have room to ignite. Drive, commitment and energy are needed to close your reality gap.

However, without a vivid picture of your future reality, there is no clear understanding of your reality gap. Without a clear definition of the gap, there will be no ignition and no motivating power. If you expect your realities to meet, create a vision then work to sharpen your picture every day and you’ll be able to close your reality gap. Remember that you can be writer, director, producer and the star of your own reality movie. You, and only you, can make it happen.