In a previous blog,30,000-Foot-Level Metrics Provide Predictive Scorecards , a form of predictive-process reporting was described. It was mentioned how these techniques can be applied to business scorecards through an organization’s Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) value chain. An IEE value chain describes at a high-level what the organization does and the measurement of each function relative to a quality, cost and time assessment.

For an organization, the IEE value chain rectangular boxes provide clickable access to documented procedures and processes. The oblong boxes then provide clickable access to 30,000-foot-level predictive scorecard metric reporting for each function. The following figure illustrates how the IEE value chain provides the organizational non-siloed linkage of operational processes/procedures with their 30,000-foot-level performance measurements.


The content of this blog was taken from

Chapter 12 of IEE Volume III

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