We attract what we are willing to accept. Similarly, we are willing to accept that with which we are the most familiar.

We are the most familiar with the things upon which we focus the energy of our thoughts. So where are you directing your thoughts at this moment?

Are your thoughts consumed with worry about what you do not want? If so, then it is very likely that you'll soon grow to accept those undesirable and unwanted things as inevitable, and attract them, like a magnet, into your life.

However, you have the power to alter that approach. Instead, fill your thoughts with eager anticipation for the good and desirable things you know are possible. This will open your mind to be ready to accept those opportunities and rewards.

Through your thoughts, you become familiar with all kinds of possibilities. Through your thoughts you convince yourself to accept and embrace certain specific possibilities.

With your thoughts, become intimately familiar with the exact details of what you wish to accomplish and the positive results you want to take place. Focus your thoughts and open your mind to wonderful experiences.

You may have to expend more energy to get out of your comfort zone. Nothing real and lasting comes free. Remember though, there is no traffic jam when going the extra mile. The reward is there for those who are willing to pay the toll.