Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison came to realize that authority figures were not the determiners of their destiny. Rather, they themselves had that power.

Last week we discussed personal beliefs and, as promised, this is a follow up on this important topic. Maybe you thought about it before last week, but, how many of your beliefs were actually put there by others? Maybe they were well-meaning but mistaken nonetheless.

Do you believe that you just don't have what it takes to succeed in your personal or professional life? Maybe you don’t believe you are smart enough, strong enough, or capable enough to achieve much?

If those thoughts have ever been on your mind, where do you think you initially got those beliefs? Likely from adults who gave you, when you were very young, their personal opinions about you. And because these people were your authority figures, you naturally took in these beliefs and made them your own.

However, do you know that many successful people have had similar beliefs programmed into them, and have gone on to prove them wrong in spite of all the negativity?

Albert Einstein, in his early years, was a poor student who was called mentally slow and unsociable. Abraham Lincoln's teachers described him as a daydreamer who asked foolish questions. Thomas Edison was called a hopeless case when he was seven years old. His teacher described him as "addled" and said it would be useless for him to continue in school.

All of these people came to realize that authority figures were not the determiners of their destiny. Rather, they themselves had that power.

So, if you are being held back because of beliefs you got early in life, ask yourself whether it might be worthwhile to throw them out and replace them with others that will serve you better.

Do you believe that you live in a world where they just isn’t enough of everything you need? Or do you believe that you are truly worthy of all that you have and there is abundance surrounding you? If so, then you are surrounded by people who love and support you and you, therefore, have more than enough of everything you need.

Do you believe that no matter what life sends your way you can make something good of it? If so, then the evidence of that goodness will surround you. If you want to change the way your life looks, don’t start tinkering with your environment. Instead, start with the beliefs inside your head, and your environment will change accordingly.

As you can see, there is nothing magic about it. This is simply the way it works. And it works this way for everyone, all the time! Every time! Try it and you will see that it does work.

Next week we’ll have at least one more follow up on our belief system. It is so critical to moving away from failure and toward success.