Our expectations are so powerful they can actually make things come true, or our perception of what is true.  
When we are prepared to find weakness, failure, resistance and negativity we will. When we are prepared to find strength, success, acceptance, goodness and value, we will.
The message is that what we are looking for determines what we will find. What we are expecting determines what we experience.
Expectations don't magically change reality. Expectations, however, do something even more powerful--they change the way we deal with reality.
When you start your day is it with fear and trepidation that the day is going to disappointing and frustrating? Or is your expectation that your day is going to be positive and productive? Either way, you are likely to be correct.  What you expect to happen typically does happen.
The great thing is that your expectation is yours and no one else’s. You can expect whatever you choose to expect. Certainly the specific details won't always match your expectations, but the overall tone of the day will be just like you most sincerely expect.
Expect the best. Start the day with positive self-talk and continue to do so throughout the day. Always proceed under the assumption that you'll get the best, from yourself and others, and you're well on your way to getting it! Will everything always turn out positive? Maybe not, but you get a much better result. What do you have to lose?