The world is changing rapidly and, at times people are very anxious about it.  In fact, it could be said people are fearful of what they see going on around them. 

Certainly technological change and innovation are completely altering many aspects our lives. Add to that the profound economic changes, social changes, scientific changes, political changes.  Most of us feel understandably overwhelmed.  The $64,000 question we face is how are we going to respond to these changes?

Definitely, the explicit answers about what to do will take time and much thought. The best way to approach the future and all of the changes it will bring can come down to one word: Confidence.

Self-confidence is one of the greatest assets we can possess. Certainly some people seem to have much more of it than others but self-confidence is a skill that can be developed with time and concentrated effort. In some ways, self-confidence may undoubtedly be the most important skill we can develop because confident people tend to become much more successful than their counterparts.

With self-confidence, all things are within the realm of possibility. Without self-confidence, even the smallest challenges seem insurmountable therefore we can find it difficult to become successful.

From observation and study, I find it fascinating that people with self-confidence always seem to be more successful. They seem to overcome the roadblocks that stand in their way. Seemingly, it's as if problems and obstacles actually run from the person who has self-confidence.

What's so difficult for some people to understand is self-confidence is not based on having a specific, ground-shaking, solution at the top of our head at a moment’s notice,  rather it is the person who can stand up against seemingly overwhelming difficulties and persevere without a ready answer.

People don’t seem to grasp that life's challenges are no match for the person who exudes confidence.  While their challenges might seem too enormous to be overcome, people with self-confidence always find a way to succeed regardless of the circumstances. It seems that professional challenges appear to run and hide from those who maintain their self-confidence.

Problems can seem so challenging that we often think of ourselves as not being up to the task because we don’t believe we have what it takes.  But that's not the way it has to be. That's the illusion some people buy into.  However, it is simply not true.  We can actually build our self-confidence.  It is not an easy lesson but it can be learned much like other skills.  

The truth is that you are bigger than anything that can ever happen to you. You have the power and ability to overcome any obstacle in your path.  The most important tool you possess is self-confidence - believing in your ability to overcome whatever challenge that is set before you.

Whatever challenge you are currently facing, realize it's there as an opportunity to help you grow and expand your world. Use the problems you encounter to help build your self-confidence. Remember, you wouldn't have the problem if you didn't have the power to overcome it. Expanding your self-confidence will allow you to take on whatever challenges you need to in order to overcome obstacles so you can successfully accomplish your mission.

Theodore Roosevelt said “believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Success is most often achieved by those who keep trying and won’t accept that failure is inevitable. They won’t accept failure as an option. 

Think about it.