Do you realize it’s possible to predict the future – specifically your future? Maybe not in precise detail, but it’s definitely possible. If you want to know what's in store for your future, consider your current thoughts.

What do you consistently think about? What do your thoughts dwell on and visualize for your future? What do you expect to happen? What do you believe you can cause to happen?

The point is that it is your present thoughts that, to a reasonable extent, determine your future. Some things are just out of your control. For instance, if you visualize yourself winning the lottery, it doesn’t mean that it will happen. Also consider if you imagine yourself walking on water, you'll be able to do it. This is a physical impossibility which is out of your control.

If your thoughts are predominantly pessimistic, it will adversely affect the outcome. If you expect to fail, or if you believe you don't deserve success, then you'll behave accordingly. Your subconscious will do what it needs to do to create a reality that confirms your thoughts.

Conversely, if you're an optimist, and the majority of your thoughts are positive, then the outcome will reflect those thoughts. If you trust yourself as well as others and think a lot about how good it will feel when you achieve and become what you want, chances are very good your results will match your expectations.

In essence, you will do what you need to do to make your life match your thoughts, and what you visualize. The point is that although you can't always control what happens in the outside world, you can control your inner world - your thoughts.

When you do that, you unleash significant energy which translates into a tremendous drive. When you choose to respond to the world in positive, productive ways, it's easy to predict a positive, productive future, one you create yourself, day by day.

You have the power of positive predictability through optimistic thought and affirmative self-talk. The wonderful thing is that you can begin using it now. You don’t need an advance degree or complete a focused training course. All that’s required is to start thinking positively. Henry Ford’s quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” still holds true.

Think about it...