We are human and prone to make mistakes. Hopefully, most of us experience regrets from the outcomes of our mistakes. Afterall, regrets are the emotions of wishing we had made a different decision.

The consequence of the decision may have adversely affected something or had a negative impact in some way. So, we generally have regrets caused by the outcomes of our mistakes.

While we cannot eliminate regrets from the mistakes we've made in the past, we can learn from them and make positive use of those regrets.

Mistakes are like failures. We can learn more from our regrets, if we choose to consider the outcomes and the effect on others. We can harness the knowledge gained from regrets to keep focused and disciplined as we move forward.

Regrets exude great quantities of negative energy. We have the opportunity to point that energy in positive, productive directions.

So we made a mistake last time. We need to learn from it and let our regrets be a reminder to do much better next time.

We are allowed to learn from our mistakes. We should position our regrets where they will encourage us into vastly improved performance.

Regrets present us with compelling truths that are impossible to deny or ignore. We need to utilize those truths to create new achievement and fulfillment.

Think about it...