The American Society for Quality (ASQ) and its Russian counterpart, the Russian Organization for Quality (ROQ), signed a memorandum of understanding outlining areas of cooperation. Michael O'Donoghue, global market development manager, says, "We have been working with the Russian ministry Gosstandart for some time, helping them craft the ROQ. As a next step in the development of the relationship, both organizations have agreed to work together to advance the cause of performance excellence on a global scale."

O'Donoghue says that the ASQ and ROQ have agreed to a relationship based on a bias for action, a willingness to experiment and a strong element of mutual trust. Specific areas for exploration and action include:

  • Both organizations will work together to develop a strategic plan of cooperation.
  • Both organizations desire to participate in the "ASQ Worldwide Research Initiative" as the world looks for new tools and techniques to drive performance excellence.
  • ASQ will provide ROQ with a developmental workshop on association management in order to transfer best practices of western organizations to ROQ.