BIBRA LAKE — Aurora Labs Limited signed a non-binding term sheet with DNV GL, a global quality assurance and risk management company, providing classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil and gas, power and renewables industries.

This step sets a framework for the company to work with DNV GL having the goal of producing 3D-printed parts created on Aurora machines to be independently certified as fit for their in tended purpose and meeting global certification requirements.

The non-binding term sheet proposes to:

1. Create a process whereby parts printed by Aurora machines can be independently certified by DNV GL.

2. That the end to end certification process, including the use of Aurora’s management software, allows for parts to be certified whilst being printed and then independently verified by DNV GL.

3. Develop a certification standard for Aurora.

For a part and a process to be independently certified as fit for purpose, there are a number of flow on areas that will also need to be independently certified. Including but not limited to: powder testing for all critical performance criteria, e.g. morphology, chemistry, etc., the 3D printer, printer operators, the installation environment, and the process for design validation.

The independent certification of Aurora’s 3D-printed parts should facilitate the take-up of its 3D-printers in oil and gas and marine markets as currently printed parts cannot be used in these areas without certification.

“This partnership is a substantial achievement for Aurora as it will ultimately allow for certification of our 3D-printed parts as fit for their intended purpose," said David Budge, managing director and interim chairman. "This is particularly important as many industries such as oil and gas and marine require certification of parts in order to be able to utilize them in their facilities. DNV GL will support us in helping establish certification covering the whole value chain, from powders to parts, certifying the technical performance of our technology, and independently endorsing our processes and products. The independent certification will provide us with enhanced credibility when speaking to potential customers and will be a big step forward in recognition of the technology we have developed.”

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