LÉVIS, CANADA-Creaform, provider of 3-D digital solutions, has acquired ActiCM, a Grenoble, France–based specialist in the manufacture and marketing of 3-D measurement systems, including noncontact robotic 3-D measurement, contact optical measurement, and motion capture.

The photogrammetry-based technology developed by ActiCM allows 3-D control of manufactured parts using simple images of the object to be controlled. This technology is particularly of value to the automotive and aeronautics fields, both in the control of manufactured parts and the means of production.

“It was a strategic decision for Creaform,” says Creaform president Charles Mony. “It means we can enter two exciting new areas, since we’ll be integrating ActiCM’s complementary Actiris and Advent coordinate measurement systems into our lineup. And with the valuable expertise of ActiCM’s staff, we can offer a wider range of services as well.”