The Phantom Miro family of digital cameras is comprised of high-speed cameras targeted at industrial applications ranging from vehicle crash testing to engineering and scientific research. Miro 1, the entry-level model of the Miro family, can take images with a resolution of up to 640 by 480 at any of eight fixed-frame rates, ranging from 50 frames per second (fps) to 500 fps. The Miro 2 builds on the Miro 1 by providing the ability to control key camera parameters such as frame rates and shutter speeds in increments of one unit. The Phantom Miro 3 is optimized for applications such as hydraulically controlled, gas energized (HYGE) crash simulations used in the automotive industry. Like the Miro 3, the Miro 4 features the same complementary metaloxide semiconductor (CMOS) imaging sensor with the ability to record at 800 by 600 at up to 2,200 fps, the highest resolution of the entire Miro family.