SUNNYVALE, CA, July 2-Rapidform Inc. and Creaform Inc. of Levis Quebec, Canada, have formed an agreement under which Creaform will offer Rapidform 3-D scanning software with its Handyscan 3-D laser scanning systems. Rapidform Inc. is a provider of 3-D scan data processing software, and Creaform is a provider of reverse engineering and 3-D digital solutions.

Under the agreement, Creaform is offering Rapidform XOR, XOS and XOV software tools for creating computer-aided design (CAD) models from 3-D scan data and performing dimensional inspection using scan data. Additionally, Creaform will offer an exclusive bundle based on a special version of XOS-Rapidform's points to polygons to surface solution.

Martin Chader, Rapidform's vice president of business development comments, "We are very pleased to enhance our relationship with Creaform. Creaform has captured a very large market share with their innovative Handyscan, and are responding to their customer's demand for Rapidform's products.”

Oscar Meza, vice president of Creaform says, "The powerful bundle of Creaform's Handyscan and Rapidform's XOS is the reverse engineering package that will definitely give customers the best value for their money.”