Verisurf Software, Inc. and OptiPro Systems, LLC, announced the signing of a reseller agreement. Under the agreement, OptiPro will help introduce and sell powerful Verisurf metrology solutions throughout the state of New York.

Based in the greater Rochester (NY) area, OptiPro combines the roles of providing specialized precision machining solutions, machine tool sales, distribution of Mastercam software, and now, as a reseller of Verisurf software. This diverse range of expertise helps OptiPro better understand customers' needs and deliver practical metrology solutions, setting them apart in the market.

Verisurf software is built on top of the Mastercam platform; this affords Mastercam customers greater efficiency and productivity. While Verisurf software works with virtually all brands of intelligent CAD software, Mastercam users can access the complete Verisurf toolset directly from the Mastercam menu bar.

“We are excited to have OptiPro on board. As the demand for practical metrology solutions continues to rise, OptiPro's ability to effectively represent the power of Verisurf software is invaluable. Whether it is for inspection and reporting, reverse engineering, or tool building, OptiPro is well-equipped to meet diverse customer needs,” expressed Steve Bertrand, Channel Development Manager at Verisurf Software, Inc.

Verisurf stands out as a comprehensive metrology solution, offering full-featured 3D CAD/CAM with intelligent Model-Based Definition (MBD). This unique feature ensures data integrity and allows users to seamlessly perform metrology workflows in a CAD environment while maintaining model-based digital continuity. Verisurf software is compatible with all CAD file formats, and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI), with its virtual CMM display, communicates with and operates all programmable and portable CMMs for universal compatibility.

The software’s modular design, ease of CMM programming, and built-in productivity tools let users quickly create measurement routines using efficient and repeatable workflows for quality process control. With Verisurf’s open platform compatibility, a single measurement routine can be run using virtually any CMM, including portable arms, fixed CNC CMMs, scanners, trackers, and more. Users can quickly shift from inspection to reverse engineering to tool building, efficiently capturing data and performing analysis.

“At OptiPro, we combine our passion for manufacturing with excellent sales, service, and support to deliver practical customer solutions. Verisurf thinks the way we do, and that is a fit for our customers. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship,” said Brian Silvestri, Metrology Sales Engineer at OptiPro Systems, LLC.

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