MILWAUKEE, October 21-BSI Management Systems, a certification body, and the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the national accreditation body of the United States, have signed an agreement under which ANAB will provide accreditation services to BSI around the world. It is proposed that BSI should be accredited for all major products for all scopes in all countries in which BSI has operations.

“Our clients are increasingly seeking accredited certificates for several different product areas that span international boundaries and cover complete businesses,” says Flemming Norklit, managing director of BSI MS. “ANAB is a thought leader in international accreditation. It has demonstrated to us that it can provide a truly global service and it has practical means for working with other accreditation bodies, around the world to provide both local and global accreditation. For the time being there will be no change to BSI’s local accreditation arrangements but this will be reviewed in the longer term, as markets develop and as the ANAB brand grows internationally. BSI remains committed to providing accredited certification and to offering the appropriate accreditation to meet the market demand.”

“ANAB is pleased to have secured a major registrar such as BSI as a client for global accreditation,” says Randy Dougherty, ANAB vice president. “ANAB believes that the work it has done in establishing international cooperation within the IAF and with other accreditation bodies puts it in a strong position to be able to deliver a global service to BSI in cooperation with local accreditation bodies.”

BSI achieved ANAB accreditation globally, for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.