HOUSTON, TX, November 17-Manufacturer of mechanical inspection equipment Gagemaker announces that it has redesigned its product catalog. The new catalog is 48 full-color pages and includes more than 400 products not listed in the current catalog.

The catalog is divided into four sections: Application Software, Calibration Equipment, Thread Measurement and Premium Connection Gages.

Some of the new features in the catalog are:
  • New and updated full-color photos for new and old products
  • More than 400 new products in 16 more pages than our previous catalog
  • Improved descriptions with increased product information
  • Greater specification detail (e.g., added minimum bores for requisite products)
  • New symbols help designate products for straight or tapered threads
  • A product index for ease of use
A free copy may be requested online atwww.gagemaker.com, by calling (713) 472-7360 or by mail: Gagemaker Inc., P.O. Box 87709, Houston, TX 77287-7709. The catalog is also available for viewing onlineHERE.