NORTH SUTTON, NH, October 27-Labsphere Inc. and Otsuka Electronics Co. Ltd. have partnered to develop spectral light measurement systems based on Otsuka’s patented HalfMoon hemispherical design. By incorporating traditional diffuse reflectance technology with specular imaging technology, the new systems provide more efficient and practical means for testing forward emitting light engines.

Labsphere specializes in light measurement, sensor calibration, spectroscopy accessories and materials and coatings; Otsuka is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific measurement, analytical and medical equipment based on optical technology.

“Otsuka Electronics, an expert in spectroscopy measurement in East Asia, the center of the world’s display industry, developed this innovative new technology to bring performance evaluation to the light source/lighting industry,” says Takashi Maruyama, president of Otsuka Electronics. “This is an opportunity for Labsphere to answer the demand from its worldwide customer base for this specific solution and take advantage of Otsuka’s strong distribution network in East Asia.”

“Until now, the integrating sphere was the simplest and fastest method for testing the total light and color of omni-directional light sources,” says Kevin Chittim, Labsphere president. “Over the years we have continued to stay at the forefront of innovation in the diffuse reflectance technologies, light test and sensor calibration industries. Aligning with Otsuka brings us the latest imaging technology and expertise to continue meeting changing industry demands."

Otsuka will be responsible for sales of all Labsphere products in Korea and sales of the HalfMoon product family in East Asia. Labsphere will distribute HalfMoon products throughout the rest of the world.