NORWOOD, MA, August 7-Instron, provider of testing equipment solutions, has launched a servohydraulic maintenance program, designed to minimize downtime, increase operating life and ensure the accuracy and repeatability of test results.

Complex servohydraulic testing systems require regular maintenance to ensure accurate and repeatable test results and avoid costly downtime. This four-point program includes an oil analysis, preventative maintenance, periodic oil change and system refurbishment.

Oil Analysis.Hydraulic oil analysis determines the amount of oil deterioration and contaminant build-up in the servohydraulic testing system. It is important to correctly evaluate the nature of a contaminant present.

Preventative Maintenance.A comprehensive 41-point preventative maintenance that includes: a filter replacement, accumulator charging and a hose inspection.

Oil Change.Hydraulic fluid should be replaced every 10,000 operating hours. However, if high temperature or mechanical equipment failures have occurred in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid should be replaced sooner.

Refurbishment.Over time, excessive wear of a testing system occurs. Rather than replace the system, Instron can refurbish many components, including:
  • Servo-valve cleaning
  • Actuator re-seal
  • Actuator re-chrome
  • Pump repair
  • Hose replacement