The Surftest SJ-500 is a portable surface roughness tester that is suitable for either handheld or fixed operation. The test calculates numerous form analyses: steps, uneven steps, slope, uneven area, circle, angle and coordinate difference. Forty-six different ISO, ANSI, DIN and JIS parameters, including ISO 1302: 2002 requirements, are available. Simple input features can be created using drawing symbols.

The tester is well suited for testing workpieces such as piston rings, bearing races, precision molds and IC components. The tester has a dedicated control unit with a color display and a built-in thermal printer capable of printing BAC or ADC curves in landscape format. Fine positioning is accomplished using joystick control. The tester has interchangeable nosepieces that enable either skid or skidless measurement.

Mitutoyo America Corp.
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