Phoenix, AZ-The Coordinate Metrology Society, the preeminent membership association for measurement professionals, has announced their "Call for Papers" in anticipation of the 2011Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC). The 27th annual event will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from July 25-29, 2011.

Metrology professionals are invited to submit a 500-word abstract for presentations and technical papers covering industry best practices, scientific research and developments, and successful applications of 3-D coordinate measurement systems. The CMSC is the only North American conference dedicated solely to users of portable, high-precision measurement technology used to inspect manufactured and assembled components on the factory floor.

Abstract submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Coordinate Metrology Society and considered for presentation at CMSC 2011. The deadline for abstracts is March 1, 2011. To submit an abstract for CMSC 2011, e-mail Michael Raphael, Technical Presentations Coordinator at.[email protected]Guidelines for presentations and technical papers can be downloaded at2011 CMSC Guidelines.