Faro Technologies (Lake Mary, FL), provider of portable measurement and imaging systems, and its employees have donated $20,626.00 for Haitian Relief, including the Red Cross’s Haitian Relief and Development Fund, UNICEF, and other charitable organizations by wearing jeans to work and simply opening their wallets and hearts to support the cause.

  The Faro Cares Committee, an employee-based community outreach group, started the ‘Jeans for Charity’ initiative last year.  This program allows employees to wear jeans any day of the week for a $2 donation per day.  The contributions have gone to various charitable organizations in the past, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Lake Mary Fire Department.  Due to the recent devastating events in Haiti, the committee decided to send all January charitable donations to disaster relief in Haiti and FARO agreed to match each employee contribution dollar for dollar.

“I’m proud to say, we have so many great employees that have wanted to help and donate money to the relief efforts in Haiti.  Every dollar makes a difference and Faro has agreed to match each employee donation to support the recovery effort after this incredibly tragic earthquake,” said Faro Technologies senior vice president and managing director for the Americas, David Morse.  “Whenever there has been a call for help, the FARO team has always lent a hand and done our part to reach out to those in need.”