GOSHEN, IN - Hertzler Systems Inc., a provider of SPC Software, KPI Software, and Operational Intelligence software, announces that it will co-sponsor a Users Group meeting with Minitab and QualiFine Industries. The joint meeting is hosted by QualiFine, Inc., an authorized reseller of Hertzler’s GainSeeker Suite and Minitab.

Jay Bronec, president of QualiFine, explained the purpose of the joint meeting. “Back in 2000 I sponsored a conference highlighting the integration of GainSeeker Real-Time SPC with Minitab,” he says. “At the time it was clear to me that integrating these two systems increased the value of both tremendously. A decade later this innovative approach still ranks at the top of my list of best-kept secrets to thriving in manufacturing.”

Bob Prunty, quality manager at ITW Fastex, agrees. “We began using GainSeeker and Minitab about three years ago. We went from small scale usage to the capability to automate manual systems and eliminate paper and clerical activities. This allowed us to reduce errors and cycle time while increasing tracking and traceability through several continuous improvement projects. I’m attending the Users Group Meeting because we hope to find out how we can move to the next level in continuous improvement.”

The User Group will be held in downtown Chicago on June 21. For more informationclick here.