There’s a common thread that all of the Quality Professionals of the Year hold true-quality is a way of life.

There’s a common thread that all of theQualityProfessionals of the Year hold true-quality is a way of life. It’s not something that they turn off when they leave work and head for home; quality is ingrained in everything that they do.

This is no different for D.H. Stamatis, the 2010QualityProfessional of the Year. Stamatis, president of Contemporary Consultants Co. (Southgate, MI), says, “Quality starts with integrity. And you can see that everywhere you go. At heart I am an educator, and I feel the need to educate wherever I am.”

Stamatis acknowledges that his need to educate others on quality sometimes upsets his family. “Even when I go to a restaurant, I see quality. The business is supposed to exist to serve the customer, and yet, when you go in, you have to wait for service.” It is at these times that Stamatis will, as he puts it, scream for service because the restaurant needs to learn that customer service is about the customer. “That is a measurement of quality,” he says. “It starts with integrity and truthfulness. A business must have quality at its core, and I will make sure that I hold them accountable for it.”

Stamatis continues, “Quality is a defined characteristic. What quality is for me might not be quality to someone else, but the first step is always measurement. Whether measurement is a micrometer, or something else, it always starts with measurement.”

To learn more about Stamatis and his views on quality, read the entire article by Assistant Editor Justin Di Sandro. For even more with Stamatis, listen to an exclusive Q-cast podcast at

Congratulations to Stamatis on being named the 2010QualityProfessional of the Year.


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For those unfamiliar with mobile tagging, it is the process of providing data on mobile devices, commonly through the use of data, such as a URL, encoded in a 2-D barcode that is meant to be read and input using a camera phone. The user is able to gather digital information immediately by scanning a 2-D barcode, for example, in an advertisement. The vision behind mobile tagging is the idea of an absolute convergence between information media. Mobile tagging connects static information carriers with the Internet and encourages interactive behavior.

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