Navigate the culture shift to no-compromise leadership.

Leadership is all about being able to influence others and make an effective impact. In these challenging times, that can be difficult to accomplish.

At this year’sQualityConference, held April 11-13, in Charlotte, NC, in conjunction with the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and The Charlotte Research Institute, Neil Ducoff, founder and CEO of Strategies (Centerbrook, CT), and author of “No-Compromise Leadership,” gave a keynote address on this topic.

No-compromise leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and outcomes. Joined together, these two simple words immediately establish a higher standard of leadership thinking and behavior. They provide a powerful internal compass that keeps you and your company steadfastly on course. By design, no compromise cuts through the myriad excuses, emotional blockages and procrastination that silently infect leadership performance.

During his presentation, Ducoff provided the audience with tips on navigating the murky leadership waters:

1. Clarity. Have absolute clarity on where you are taking your company, department, etc.

2. Values. If you want them, live them. If values are compromised within the company, the changes can have a tidal wave effect.

3. Accountability. Get it done. A leader is defined by his resolve, tenacity and courage to get things done.

4. Transparent. No excuses when you compromise. Own it.

5. Culture. Don’t destroy from within. Hiring the wrong person can wreck havoc.

6. Unity. Don’t be dictorial and inflexible. Stress that we’re in it together.

7. Focus. Don’t stay in your office. The action is where your people are. If you’re so busy doing the work, how can you lead? You have to be with your people.

8. Strategic. Manage what’s on your plate. If you have a monkey on your back, it’s going to stomp you into the ground. If you’re the answer man or woman, employees don’t have to think-or make mistakes.

9. Resolute. Be tenacious and courageous.

10. Inspire. You can’t lead without passion.

Ducoff addressed that no-compromise leadership isn’t easy-even for him. He said many cultures never succeed; company culture can crumble under the weight of compromise radiating from leadership; and compromise can be a pure drag.

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