PROVIDENCE, RI -–Mahr Federal celebrated its 150th birthday in August. Founded by Carl Mahr as a small family concern in Esslingen, Germany, on the Neckar River in 1861, the Mahr Group has grown to be a global leader in precision metrology. Celebrations at the Mahr Federal headquarters facility in Providence, RI, included a visit from Mahr Group CEO, Stephan Gais.

"The industrialization of the 19th century saw a rapid growth in both industrial productivity and the need for precision measurement in machining operations," says Tony Picone, president of Mahr Federal. "That need for quality is even more important today all across industry, not only in terms of precision gages and metrology systems, but also in terms of the know-how and applications expertise needed to apply them properly."

Mahr maintains four production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States and China, as well as a network of representatives and service centers throughout the world. The company also supports a number of calibration laboratories, like the Precision Measurement Center in Providence, RI, which handles Mahr Federal's own calibration work, and also offers commercial inspection and recalibration services for dimensional standards‹including gage blocks, master rings, discs, plugs and balls, cylindrical form and precision reference specimens, and surface roughness standards‹as well as for a wide range of gages.

Recognized worldwide for the quality, reliability and ease-of-use of its dimensional metrology equipment, Mahr is equally known for the expertise of its staff. Continually building on its history of innovation, Mahr offers a broad spectrum of handheld metrology, surface and form metrology, as well as systems for shafts, gears and tools, supplemented by software, training and service. As process-oriented application specialists, Mahr's staff works directly with customers to provide precision measurement solutions in industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical products, electrical, plastics and optics.

"Quality assurance is playing an ever greater role in the world of production," says Picone. "The more important repeatable precision becomes, the greater the importance of metrology to the final result. Our business is to ensure that those results are accurate. That should easily keep us busy for another 150 years."

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