YOKOHAMA, JAPAN-Visteon Corp.received the Technology and Development Award from Toyota at its recent 2011 Suppliers Convention in Nagoya, Japan. The award recognizes noise-reduction technology as applied to a low-cost fuel pump controller (FPC). Co-developed with Toyota, the technology is considered a breakthrough in the global automobile industry and is currently patent pending.

The Technology & Development Award recognizes suppliers who have greatly contributed to boosting the product appeal of Toyota vehicles by developing world-leading new technologies and products. After strict evaluation, the prestigious award is presented to a select number of suppliers every year.

"We are extremely pleased to be recognized by Toyota as a top innovator and technology leader," says Donald J. Stebbins, Visteon chairman, CEO and president. "We continue to focus on partnering with our customers to create exceptional value."

FPC is an electronic module that controls the speed of the fuel pump according to the driving situation, to ultimately improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. By utilizing a proprietary printed wire board topology with a high-frequency direct current-direct current converter circuit, Visteon is able to significantly reduce the radiated electromagnetic noise of the FPC. This innovation also results in reduced weight, size and design complexity, and contributes to fuel economy through cost-effective application of the FPC for improved efficiency of the fuel pump system. The core technology can be applied to virtually all types of motor control systems, including those in electric/hybrid vehicles.

The high-quality FPC using this innovative noise reduction technology has been launched on Toyota's multiple vehicle models in the Japan and U.S. markets.