VANCOUVER, CANADA--China Daheng Group Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch (Daheng) has signed on as an authorized distributor of LMI Technologies’ Gocator 3-D smart sensors in China. This distribution deal marks Gocator’s entry into the world’s second largest economy and arguably the most expansive manufacturing marketplace.

“We are seeing an explosive need for 3D inspection and measurement sensors that improve the quality of production,” says Daheng’s Manger of Development, Duan Deshan. “We are excited to be able to address this demand by working with LMI Technologies to bring their Gocator line profiler technology to China.”

With Daheng’s extensive machine vision industry expertise, Gocator’s initial market impact is expected to be substantial. Having completed LMI Technologies’ thorough distributor training process, Daheng can now field Gocator inquiries as an authorized distributor.