LEVIS, QUEBEC-2012 is a key and festive year forCreaform, a 3-D portable optical measurement technologies and 3-D engineering services company, in its 10th year.

Throughout the 10 past years, Creaform has grown from a five-employee metrology services start-up to a 300-employee international company and major developer and manufacturer of 3-D portable optical measurement technology and provider of 3-D engineering services.

The company has shown a 79% compounded growth rate since 2002, and has sold more than 2,500 systems in the past decade. It has been awarded more than 30 prizes for its vision, innovation and success.

“Looking back at the past decade and considering the humble means that we had in 2002, I’m just in awe of what we have accomplished, and how fast we became a major player in the 3D optical measurement technology industry,” says President Charles Mony.

According to Creaform’s quinquennial strategic plan, the company expects to increase its already fast-paced growth rate and also strengthen its position as a major player in the industry of metrology.