SAN JOSE, CA — ADLINK Technology, Inc., a leading global provider of intelligent systems and embedded building blocks for Internet of Things devices and applications, celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company opened its doors in August 1995 in Taipei with the goal of advancing technologies in the fields of test and measurement, applied computing and automation.

Since then, ADLINK has expanded its offices to eleven locations worldwide, employs more than 1,600 people, and has established a local development center in each major region that it serves, including EMEA, the Americas, China and Asia-Pacific. Moreover, ADLINK has seen an average compound annual growth rate of 17 percent over the last decade, far surpassing that of its larger, more established competitors.

The company’s focus has broadened from developing hardware building blocks to creating application-ready intelligent platforms (ARIPs) and system-level solutions across embedded form factors and vertical markets. ADLINK has actively participated in the advancement of industry standards to help shape specifications inline with what has been voiced by its customers, including chairing or otherwise serving on committees for PICMG (including AdvancedTCA and COM Express), PC/104 Consortium, PXISA (PXI Systems Alliance), AXIe Consortium, SGeT (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies), and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) for Mobile Edge Computing.

Over the past 20 years, ADLINK has evolved from a T&M instrument supplier to offering robust, reliable solutions in industrial automation, healthcare, defense, transportation, communications and infotainment, in addition to growing its market share in T&M.

Recently, ADLINK entered into an agreement with Agilent Technologies to increase collaboration and investment, which has been integral in ADLINK’s creation of five new technology labs for in-house product validation and verification. In addition, ADLINK has risen in the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance to become a Premier member, of which there are only five companies at this peak level.

“Twenty years is a significant milestone for any company, and as the second largest industrial PC vendor in Asia ADLINK is focused on expanding our partner ecosystem which we will build forward together with for years to come,” said Jim Liu, founder and CEO of ADLINK. “Our emphasis on being a global company with localized support and design services has allowed us to better serve our customers, whose application requirements become more and more complex each year.

"Now we are developing application-ready offerings that enable our customers to focus on their core competency, which is developing customized applications that meet their business goals.”

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