RENTON, WA– Microscan, a global technology company in barcode, machine vision and lighting solutions, has hired Scott McKay for its newly created global director, channel management and commercial marketing position.

McKay will be responsible for channel strategy, recruitment, training and program development working with the field sales organization, as well as commercial marketing and operations, functions that have a significant impact on Microscan’s channel. He assumes these responsibilities as Andy Zosel, former vice president of marketing and commercial operations, takes on a new role at Microscan as vice president, engineering and vertical solutions.

“Our worldwide network of channel partners is fundamental to our business model, and we acknowledge the critical role it will continue to play in Microscan’s success”, states Scott Summerville, president of Microscan. “We felt it important to dedicate a member of the senior management team to ensure that we are closely aligned to our partners and to support this vital function at a strategic level. Scott McKay’s educational and career background in channel management, along with his experience as a sales manager and branch manager where he created and deployed sales and marketing programs at the local level makes him an excellent choice to lead this newly created department.”

“What an exciting opportunity to lead a global team impacting such critical functions as channel management and marketing”, adds McKay. “There is an unquestionable commitment throughout the organization focused on redesigning the channel strategy for sustainable growth.”