DEARBORN, MI, April 15-The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has uploaded more than 60 SME videos to YouTube, generating more than 200,000 hits.

“I like to think of YouTube as video for the people and by the people,” says Mark Tomlinson, SME executive director and general manager. “So whether you are an engineering student or a practicing engineer, it’s a very accessible, user-friendly and viral way to discover manufacturing trends and processes. The videos give brief, easy-to-understand snippets of manufacturing’s most in-demand or need-to-know processes.”

“We are really excited about the thousands of hits our videos already have generated,” says David Rembiesa, associate video producer at SME who headed up the project. “Our forging video alone has registered 18,000 hits.”

Other SME videos available for viewing on YouTube include:
  • “Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop”
  • “Nanomanufacturing (Productive Nano Systems)”
  • “Liquid Molding”
  • “Affordable Automation for Small & Medium Facilities”
  • “Composite Materials”
  • “Mapping Your Value Stream”
In all, there are 62 videos to choose from and will soon include one on current manufacturing uses of Radio Frequency Identification. New selections are being added monthly.

To view SME’s videos on YouTube: Go to typeSMEin the search button.