Spring testing

The SF1491 coil spring load center testing system performs load center and force line testing on coil compression springs. It is an advanced system designed specifically for the automotive industry to measure true force line vector in a suspension spring. A dual-column, servo-drive load frame with a maximum capacity of 50 kilonewtons contains the Eccentricity Measuring System (EMSY). With the ability to determine the center of load on the top and bottom of the spring, as well as side loads, the EMSY rapidly generates a complete analysis of the spring under load. The advanced control electronics and software translate nine individual load signals into spring characteristics that can be used to design better springs for the automotive and other industries.

Instron Corp.
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Process control

The BedeMetrix-L uses a combination of high resolution X-ray diffraction, X-ray diffraction and X-ray reflectivity techniques on a single platform for a range of front- and back-end process control applications including strained silicon, high-k gate dielectrics, metal gates, barrier metals, interconnects and porous low-k ILD. The Microsource with ScribeView optics enables measurements of strain silicon parameters in scribe lines and metrology pads used in the 45-nanometer process.

Bede X-ray Metrology
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The Resonant Acoustic Method Nondestructive Test systems are ideal for quality assurance testing for manufacturers or operators of cast parts in a variety of industries, including automotive and aerospace. With no part preparation required, this technique can objectively identify resonant frequency shifts caused by internal and external flaws such as nodularity, porosity, cracks, voids, material density and missed manufacturing processes, eliminating errors that come from human interpretation. The entire process can be achieved as fast as one part per second, allowing for efficient quality control testing of all parts that come off of the production line.

The Modal Shop Inc.
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Phosphor plates

The Industrex Flex HR Digital Imaging Plates for computed radiography offer improved imaging for NDT applications by enhancing spatial resolution and clarity. The plates capture and yield images in the field or lab, and are suited for difficult shots demanding high resolution, extra sensitivity and short exposure times. Offering a range of plate sizes for CR applications, the plates are available as small as 4.5 by 10 inches and as large as 14 by 60 inches. These flexible phosphor plates can be formed around a variety of objects and used hundreds or even thousands of times depending on handling.

Eastman Kodak Co.
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Real-time analyzers

The EP-IR analyzers allow operators to monitor their processes in real time, with a scanning rate of 100 scans per second. The analyzer has a spectral range of 128 photometric channels and also benefits from a vibration insensitive operation. Additionally, the Near-Infrared MultiComponent 2750 product is available with a spectral range of 1375 to 2750 nanometers and a scan speed of 100 scans per minute. The analyzers have optional accessories including an MID-IR Development Bench that accommodates standard third-party FT-IR sample accessories for method development.

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X-Ray inspection

The Feinfocus Cougar Pro X-ray inspection system provides manufacturers with fully automated X-ray inspection capability. With automatic loading and unloading and Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) technology, it fits into SMT manufacturing lines. It provides quantitative analysis of PCB components using a modular design. Used in conjunction with traditional automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, the instrument enhances yield by detecting defects that cannot be identified solely through AOI. The system has advanced computer numerical control for easy programming, allowing the operator to configure the automation process. The system uses a conveyor system for automatic loading and unloading of parts to be inspected. The samples are first introduced into a loading station that is fitted onto the side of the system. From there the conveyor loads the sample into the pre-programmed imaging position, enabling the standard five-axes manipulator to control the sample to be inspected with collision-free protection. After initial automated inspection, the results can be viewed on the screen or in SPC data format. After inspection, the sample can be inspected manually for further analysis or removed and reinserted into the production line. The system is approximately 1 meter by 1 meter, weighs approximately 1,600 kilograms, and has front- and side-door service access.

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Mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometer testing not only verifies the integrity of final gasoline tank assemblies with all component subassemblies installed, but also provides effective leak tests to ensure that the tanks meet new fugitive emissions standards for hydra carbons. The helium mass spectrometer technology is used within a vacuum chamber to test complete automotive gasoline tank assemblies. The charge pressure varies by component, based on each component’s typical static and operating pressure. Gasoline tanks provide a unique challenge because of the low differential pressure the assembly can withstand during the testing process. The test stand must control the differential pressure to less than 1.5 psi during the entire test process, which includes chamber pump-down, part charge and test and chamber vent. The entire test for the gasoline tank is completed in 50 to 60 seconds, depending on the tank and vacuum chamber size.

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.
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Tensile testers

The TT 2200 tabletop universal tensile tester has a tensile force of 10,000 pounds and a 48-inch crosshead. It stands 66-inches tall, but requires only 2 by 4 feet of table space. Used for textiles, rubber, thin films, foils, leather, wire, plastics and exotic composites, it displays real-time force and elongation on a computer monitor for study, comparison, printing and record keeping. Operation is uninterrupted load and go, saving operator time. Software provides data acquisition and comparison with past results through test curve displays and statistical analysis summaries. The software is part of the standard TT 2200 system, which also includes a PC. The software stores test data for comparison and model building. Stress and strain analysis does not require repeat testing and calculating. In addition to tension, these tensile testers test tear strength, peel strength, adhesion, coefficient of friction, burst, proofload and stress relaxation. TT 2200 hardware includes an emergency stop switch and programmed safety limits to eliminate load cell overload.

Benz Material Testing Instruments
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Portable analysis

The Niton XLt 898He is a nondestructive portable analysis tool for light element content in alloy material. It provides laboratory-quality chemical analysis of light element content in aluminum and titanium alloys, as well as nickels, superalloys and stainless steels. The system fills the interior of the XLt’s measurement head with pure helium, purging atmospheric air from the X-ray analysis path, and allowing light element X-rays to contact the XLt’s high-resolution X-ray detector. As a result, operators can measure light element alloy content with the same analyzer that they use to test high-temp alloys.

Thermo Electron Corp.
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Flaw detector

The Sitescan 123W interface is easy to use, leaving the operator free to focus on theory. Building on the 123W, both the 150S and the 250S have DAC, AVG, AWS and API sizing techniques. The 150S has enhanced software features to improve operator efficiency and accuracy, including advanced measurements modes, full-screen waveform display and an automated calibration feature. Improvements to the keypad and user interface include fast set-up, full screen A-scan and improved menu navigation systems to enhance the operator’s interaction. The transflective color display gives high visibility in direct sunlight and does not suffer the restrictive temperature range of conventional LCDs. A IP-67 case provides toughness and reliability throughout the new range.

Sonatest Ltd.
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Inspection tool

By combining a slim heads-up display with the waist-mounted ForeEyes Lite, operators now can perform all their inspections with one hand. The heads-up display produces images equivalent to looking at a 27-inch monitor, 6 feet away. The display has 1/4 VGA resolution. The total system weighs 12.9 ounces, making it a useful inspection tool for applications in difficult access areas. It also works for under-vehicle inspection as well as surveillance applications. It can be interfaced with the DZ series of articulating video probes, making it a portable, small-diameter articulating videoprobe and display combination. Operators can clip the unit to their waist via the convenient carrying pouch and put on the glasses. They can turn on and adjust the four lights to the camera and adjust the intensity to 16 levels.

Danatronics Corp.
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