HATFIELD, PA - Mistras Software & Systems announces the delivery of a five-channel plate and billet scanner to Laboratory Testing Inc (LTI) in Hatfield, PA.

The 24-foot refurbished tank is equipped with a Mistras/NDT Automation computer-based ultrasonic inspection system, which generates detailed printouts of test data and results. The immersion tank can test bar and tube material up to 18 feet long with a weight limit of 5,000 pounds, as well as plate material.

The scope of work included sandblasting and repainting the tank along with the fabrication of a new high-speed bridge. A two-axis, five-channel data acquisition of ultrasound controlled by UTwin real-time C-scan system was installed to perform the testing of material.

"This new system greatly expands the scope of LTI's immersion capabilities, provides faster turnaround for large volume, repetitive orders and adds a control factor for higher accuracy that is not available with the contact method of inspection," says Phil Trach, NDT technology coordinator for LTI. "Our long-term experience with immersion ultrasound and with inspection of large-diameter and very heavy pieces makes this a natural extension of ultrasonic capabilities for Laboratory Testing Inc."

LTI specializes in the inspection and certification of materials found in fasteners, tubular products, bar stock, plates, castings and more. Their mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and nondestructive testing services provide the answers for material properties, characteristics, composition, defects or discontinuities.