LETCHWORTH, ENGLAND - The portable and compact XL Go Videoprobe is the newest addition to Ashtead Technology Rentals’ fleet of endoscopes, boroscopes and other remote visual inspection equipment.

The instrument, from GE Inspection Technologies, is already proving popular with Ashtead’s customers because of its small size, portability and image storage. Weighing under 2kg, with no bulky base unit, power cable or tethered scope, the XL Go is a solution for a wide range of visual inspection applications with restricted or limited access, including the inspection of any inaccessible areas such as pipes, turbines, machinery and aircraft engines.

Ashtead’s General Manager James Carlyle says, “The XL Go is a very welcome addition to our existing and comprehensive fleet of remote visual inspection equipment. Due to its lightweight and compact nature it can inspect areas that were virtually impossible beforehand.”