ANN ARBOR, MI-AIA has just released its first ever special study of the worldwide machine vision market for cameras. The seven chapter study contains a detailed market description, a retail pricing analysis, a sales analysis and a trend analysis.

The study is designed to answer a host of important questions such as:

  • How is the market changing?
  • What are the sweet spots in the market?
  • What product features are the most popular?
  • What geographic regions are contributing the most sales?
  • What factors determine retail pricing?
  • How do different types of cameras compare in terms of their pricing, demand, market penetration and rates of growth?

    According to Paul Kellett, AIA’s director, market analysis, “We’re pleased to provide meaningful answers with our data analyses that will aid machine vision companies in their sales efforts.”

    The study focuses on cameras because of their central role as the “eyes” of machine vision systems and to also provide important market intelligence on other machine vision components that are tied to cameras such as optics, lighting and imaging boards. The intended audience for this study is camera manufacturers and suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of other machine vision components, system integrators and the financial investment community.

    The Machine Vision Camera Market Study is available for $550 for AIA members and $950 for non-members. For more information, please visit .