LOMBARD, IL - FSI Technologies Inc. and Eye Vision Technology AG have joined together to bring EyeSpector smart cameras and EyeVision machine vision software to North America.

FSI Technologies Inc. will be the North American headquarters for EyeSpector smart cameras, which are a product of Eye Vision Technology AG and Vision Components GmbH. EyeVision software will also be available as a stand alone product, or powering multi-camera PowerEye units manufactured at the FSI factory in Lombard, IL. The FSI factory will also offer training programs and support services.

“We’re excited . . . we think that the marketplace has been waiting for a machine vision architecture where everything from the simplest smart camera through the largest system uses the same software engine," says Fred Turek, chief operating officer of FSI Technologies Inc. “We always seek the finest organizations and people in our partnerships, and we certainly have found that in EVT Eye Vision Technology AG and Vision Components GmbH.”

“We are very happy to have found a powerful partner for the US market, especially with FSI’s strong experience in vision," says Michael Beising, chief executive officer of EVT.

FSI Technologies Inc. also manufactures rotary encoders, photoelectric sensors, and counter-based products at the factory headquarters located outside of Chicago. In June, FSI celebrated its 50th anniversary.