When used with an IR LED illuminator, the CS8620Hi near-IR RS-170 analog camera can achieve detailed surface inspection of superficial irregularities, blemishes or defects not easily observed in the visible spectrum. Suitable for factory automation, image measurement and various machine vision applications, the CS8620Hi has a 380,000-pixel (EIA) CCD that attains a horizontal resolution of 570TV, ensuring images of high density with less moiré fringes, along with sensitivity in both visible and near infrared (NIR) spectrums. The miniature package measures 29 by 29 by 32 millimeters. The integrated body, composed of a camera-head part and a CCU part, weighs 50 grams. DIP switches on the back panel allow the camera to be configured in many different modes. It comes provided with the random trigger shutter mode and special shutter mode to capture images cued by external trigger input. It also has AGC function, enabling it to obtain optimal images even when the amount of incoming light fluctuates.

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