HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA-NDT Systems Inc. has relocated to a customized facility three times the size and blocks away from its former facility in Huntington Beach, CA. The move coincides with NDT’s 40th year in business.

NDT Systems was incorporated April 28, 1971, by Founder Ron Basko, a well-known figure in the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), and credited with many innovations in the field. Form the start, the company’s charter has been to develop, manufacture and market a comprehensive line of ultrasonic transducers and imaging devices. After 18 years of growth, the company was acquired by E.I. DuPont in 1989. DuPont sold the business in 1993 to a private investor involved with medical imaging.

In 2000, the business was reacquired by Greg Smith, an engineer, inventor and long-time employee of the company. As the new president and CEO, Smith renewed NDT Systems’ commitment to lead the field by improving and expanding the company’s line of non-destructive testing instruments and technology.

Having outgrown its previous building, the roomier new facility creates an environment designed to stimulate and accommodate continued growth. Visitors are welcomed by an artistically designed and inviting reception area. A 700-square-foot meeting room is equipped for video conferencing and Internet access and the entire facility is wired as a proprietary Wi-Fi hot spot, providing building-wide access to locally hosted online sales and training tools. Office space has increased 2,000 square feet and manufacturing floor space has doubled. Because of the high-tech nature of the industry, and in response to the critical requirements of its customers, the company is under contract to earn ISO certification for the new building and its personnel.