MATERIALS PARK, OH - A decade ago, ASM International and the ASM Materials Education Foundation introduced a bold new program to excite young people in materials science and engineering.

"We called the program ASM Materials Camp and we held the first one right here," says ASM Trustee Dan Dennies, FASM. "We caught lightning in a bottle. It was a fascinating concept, and we got together and made it work. Ten years later, we're holding not one, but 51 camps this year. It a testimony that the concept is working - and it continues to work."

It all started at Materials Park with 30 high school students, a group of dedicated Materials Mentors, and the support of ASM members who wanted to give back something to the profession that has given them so much through the years. Where is the program 10 years later?

  • From a single camp location in 2000 to 51 camp locations in 2009
  • By year's end, we will have "graduated" nearly 7,500 students and teachers camp participants
  • According to a survey: 66% of respondents are enrolled in engineering; 41% of students in engineering have selected Materials as their major
  • 88% of Teachers Camp graduates are implementing or using demos learned in camp in their classrooms

    Congratulations to all of ASM members who have helped build 10 years of success.