SHANGHAI, CHINA - SGS is organizing a nondestructive testing training course with a focus on time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) that will last 11 working days and will take place on November 17-27, 2009, in Shanghai, China. At the end of the course, an optional examination can be taken which is in accordance with the SNT or PCN/EN 473 certification scheme. The exam will be carried out in English and will be conducted on November 28, also in Shanghai.

To be eligible for this course, candidates must hold PCN UT Level 2 Welds training. SGS can provide UT Welds training and examination prior to the TOFD course for candidates who need to do both UT Welds and TOFD.

The theory will be carefully explained using visual aids such as animated presentation material together with video projection of instrument displays. For practice examinations, SGS will provide a range of welded samples suitable for TOFD inspection.

All levels of time-of-flight diffraction training courses will include data acquisition. In addition, Level 2 candidates are required to prepare a written instruction for a Level 1 candidate to follow for data acquisition on a particular sample. Level 3 candidates are required to create a procedure which includes a complete inspection technique. Throughout the duration of training, practical experiments and continuous assessments will be conducted to monitor the candidate’s progress and understanding of TOFD.

The course fee of $3,000 per person includes the training, examination fee and PCN levy cost. For more information,