WALTHAM, MA-Olympus NDT is pleased to introduce the Industrial Tech Guide App for the iPhone and iPad. This free Olympus mobile application contains two knowledge-based sections designed for technicians performing ultrasonic flaw detection and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) inspections. Available for download in the Apple Application Store , this app will be a helpful tool for inspectors by providing fast and accurate calculations for their applications. In addition, the tool has descriptions of all Olympus industrial instruments with links for detailed product information or to obtain a request for quotation.

For the nondestructive testing (NDT) inspector, the Ultrasonic Tech Guide lists the acoustic properties- such as longitudinal wave velocity, shear wave velocity, and acoustic impedance-of most common materials. It also includes a calculator for common beam parameters- such as wavelength, nearfield length and beam diameter-used in test setup and interpretation.

For the individual working with an array of metal alloys, the XRF Tech Guide includes an alloy materials guide that provides a quick and easy look-up of the chemistry specifications for common alloy grades using trade-names or alloy families. XRF inspectors, scrap sorters and processors, PMI inspectors, quality assurance and control managers and inspectors, material handlers and NDT contractors commonly use these specifications in the field.