A new company, Fusion, has broken the mold and introduced NDT to the world of iPhones and iPods. It has created applications for the gadgets that almost 1 in 10 people own and captured the imagination of the NDT industry in doing so.

Three initial applications have been introduced with further on the horizon. The initial applications are for X-ray exposures, gamma ray exposures and a pipe schedule. Fusion says it realized that it was not always possible to have slide rules handy or that you often want to double check your calculations.

The purpose of the X-ray and gamma ray apps is to calculate a new time with a change of distance. The user simply inputs the old time, old distance and new distance and the new exposure appears on the screen. It even has a countdown timer. The pipe schedule app came about when a lot of operators commented that often a note would be left to do a shot on a pipe weld of, for example, 8-inch schedule 40 and no pipe schedule was on that night's shift, so the pipe thickness could not be found. The pipe schedule app provides the details for all pipe sizes and schedules.

It appears that there have been quite a few inspectors out there looking for such an app as sales are going extremely well and as yet there has not been any promotion of these three apps. Interestingly, the biggest sales are in the United States with sales to other countries such as Canada, India, UAE, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Further apps are on the way, the next being expected at the end of March 2010. For more information, visitwww.fusion-appstore.co.uk.