LITTLE ROCK, AR– Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), a leading laser manufacturer, announced today that it is expanding its US production capabilities for machine vision laser modules in direct response to the Thailand flooding. PTI plans to add experienced design engineers and production personnel. In addition, laser diode inventories have been expanded to support affected customers.

Unknown to many customers, a large percentage of Machine Vision laser modules and diode pumped solid state lasers are manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand by contract manufacturers. Those manufacturers are now reporting 3.5 feet of water in their factories. Thai government officials project that the flood waters will not recede for six weeks. Disruptions in the supply chain are partially due to the fact that up to 650,000 employees can’t make it to work.

For the last 40 years, PTI’s laser designs have supportedFortune500 and other companies in the biomedical, semiconductor, industrial, defense & security markets and are bringing US design and manufacturing capabilities to the machine vision and inspection industry. Those applications include laser modules designed for 3-D profiling and mapping, dimensional scanning, high-speed road and rail inspection, Web inspection, fuorescence, and illumination.