MILWAUKEE, WI— ASQ, a leader in the quality industry, has joined the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) in a  public-private partnership developing testbeds and training for next generation manufacturing technology platforms.

The SMLC was launched in July 2012 to drive improved manufacturing efficiencies, reduce waste and integrate manufacturing intelligence in real time across an entire production operation.

“The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition has its goals rooted in quality, which is helping companies perform more efficiently with higher quality outcomes,” said ASQ CEO Paul Borawski. “We are excited for the opportunity to share our resources with the SMLC, accentuating quality through the development and growth of the organization.”

“ASQ’s extensive knowledge in helping organizations increase efficiencies will be an asset to the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition as we continue to improve manufacturing productivity,” said SMLC Chairman Dr. Dean Bartles. “We are pleased to have ASQ as part of the SMLC, as both organizations share the passion for improvement.”

In 2012, ASQ announced its partnership with the Manufacturing Institute’s Skills Certification System. ASQ offers its 17 certifications, training and knowledge resources to directly address the deficits in manufacturing education and training.