The Newage® MT91 Automatic Microhardness Traverse Testing System offers unrivalled testing speed – as fast as six seconds per test cycle—and a precise Rockwell type testing method that requires no manual interpretation of the impression.  
The MT91 measures hardness based on depth of penetration rather than using an optical system that determines hardness based on impression size. No traditional microhardness tester comes close to matching the MT91 in terms of speed or accuracy. Tasks that once took hours now take only minutes, and individual test cycles can be completed in just six seconds, making the MT91 the perfect choice for high-volume applications.
The modular Newage MT91 System is a cost-effective solution for applications that require ad-vanced microhardness functionality, such as complex case depth traverses. The system consists of a MT91 microhardness tester with video camera, combined with a personal computer, a motorized X-Y axis positioning table and Newage’s proprietary C.A.M.S.® (Computer Assisted Measurement System) software. 
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